The moment a tenant has signed the lease and moved in, the landlord may feel relaxed, assuming that they receive a monthly rent with no hassle. This is the time that the property manager’s main responsibility will start.

The Property Manager will take everything under control and make sure that the property is maintained regularly to have both the homeowner and tenant satisfied.

 A good property manager does their best not only to find the best tenant. But also keeps the property in a good shape for a competitive value in the market.

An expert property manager knows that a quick response to the tenant’s requests will encourage them to continue and renew the tenancy agreement.

Emergency calls such as gas or water leakage will be answered any time during the day, night and/or during weekend or statutory holidays.

The maintenance team working for the property manager knows that prompt action should be taken for any emergency calls.

– Suitable Software:

It is important that suitable software is used to ensure transparency of all communications between the maintenance group, property manager and landlord. It’s indicating the type of the job to be done, timeframe, cost and approval.

 A detailed report of the repair is necessary as the homeowner wants to know what kind of repair was done, at what cost and whether the cost complies with the market price or not.

A proficient property manager is aware of having a network of licensed and insured well-known contractors with a clear financial payment system to protect the property and owner.

Thus, at the end of the year a real estate investor clearly knows what the costs were for the whole year when filing and calculating tax returns.

– 3 important factor of PM Company:

Therefore, On Time Response to the Tenant’s Request, Transparency in Communication and a Detailed Report are the three important facts that a property management company should take into account. 

In addition to responding to maintenance requests, the best property managers perform scheduled preventative maintenance to prevent costly damage.

Establishing a long professional relationship and clear communication channels with our Vendors and partners is essential for managing your property. But we also want to ensure you as a Property Owner have a great experience, if you have a vendor in mind that is not part of our network we are still happy to help coordinate repairs between your vendor and the tenant. Find out how to get you the most money from your rental property by calling zoodpm today.